God’s Wonderful Word: A Survey of Psalm 119

Psalm-119This past Sunday at ICC, I gave a homework assignment to the church: read Psalm 119 and make a list of all the amazing purpose and benefits of the Word of God.  How does God desire to use His Word in our lives?  Why is it so important for us?  What can we look forward to when we give ourselves to God’s Word?

If you have never personally made this list from Psalm 119, I encourage you to do so now before you read further.  You will be so glad you did.  There is so much joy in allowing God to speak to you directly, revealing His truth to you.  (See previous post for details and recommendations on how to spend time in God’s Word).

Psalm 119_105 Royalty Free Stock PhotoBelow is a personal survey I compiled from Psalm 119.  It is not exhaustive but I hope it will be helpful.  Read and reflect on it prayerfullyThank you God for the awesome gift of Your Word to us. We want to be fed every day by You by Your Word and Spirit.  Lord, we want to know you more!  We want to treasure & follow you more and bring everyone, everywhere to do the same.  Give us desire for you, discipline of time in Your Word, and dependence on your Spirit.


vv. 1-3 those who walk in the path of the Word are happy and blessed
vv. 6, 31 when we fix our eyes on Him, we will not be put to shame
v. 7 God’s Word helps us to worship and thank Him with a pure heart
v. 9 We can keep our life pure when we follow the Word
v. 11 Storing God’s Word in our hearts fights & overcomes sin in in our lives
v. 12 God teaches us through His Word
v. 14 God’s Word is more precious than money
v. 15 His Word gives us good, right things to consider and meditate on
v. 18 There are amazing things to discover in God’s Word
v. 19 God’s teaching and instruction are clear and available for us
v. 20 Our souls were made for God’s principles to be put in place in our lives
v. 21 Those who wander from the Word are rebuked
v. 23 When people plot against us, we can find comfort and rest in His Word
v. 24 God’s Word is a counselor to us
v. 25 His Word brings life to our souls, even when we feel hopeless
vv. 28 When we’re filled with sadness or sorrow, the Word strengthens us
v. 29 We can discern between truth and lies when we know God’s Word
v. 30 His Word helps us make the right choices
v. 32 Our hearts are set free by His Word
v. 33 As we learn His Word, we learn to follow God
v. 36 Our hearts will turn from selfishness as we turn to His Word
v. 37 Our eyes will turn from worthless things as we receive life from His Word
v. 41 The Word brings reminder of God’s promises and steadfast love to us
v. 42 God’s Word gives us a reply and answer to those who are against us
v. 46 We will not be put to shame when we know God’s Word
v. 53 We will discern good from evil when we know God’s law
v. 54 God’s Word puts a song in our hearts, a song to teach all people
v. 56 God’s Word brings blessing
v. 58 God’s Word is the basis for His promises and our prayers of faith
v. 71 God’s Word gives us joy, even in affliction
v. 74 Those who hope in God’s Word will rejoice forever
v. 89 God’s Word is eternal, certain and secure.
vv. 98 God’s Word makes us wise
v. 105 God’s Word gives light to our path so we can walk confidently
v. 111 God’s testimonies are given to us as our heritage and our joy
v. 114 We will find God as a shield and hiding place when we hope in His Word
v. 127 The testimonies of God are better than the finest thing this world can offer
vv. 140 His promises and ways are reliable, they last forever
v. 169 God’s Word gives us understanding when we are in need
v. 172 His words are all right, all of them speak truth
v. 176 Even when we go astray, God’s Word will be hidden in our hearts

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